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  • 55 min
  • 40 British pounds


Anxiety is exhausting, draining and all encompassing – both mentally and physically. We can feel an intense sense of panic, in the form of an attack, or be on edge constantly, causing significant disruption to life. It also has been proven to contribute too many diseases. Anxiety is the manifestation of our subconscious mind going into protection mode. Flight or fight – it is an automatic response from our nervous system to warn us and prepare us for dangerous situations. Our bodies release cortisol to our adrenal glands, sometimes causing our bodies to go into overdrive. Anxiety symptoms appear in many forms. Grave symptoms can include: • Shaking • Racing heart • Hot flushes • Jelly Legs • Tingling in the hands and feet • Chest pains • Breathlessness • Hyperventilation • Dizziness • Panic attacks • Feeling sick • Tension headaches

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation if you provide 24 hrs notice prior to appointment time.. The session will be charged at full price if cancellation is within 24hrs of appointment.

Location / Contact Details

  • Oven Wynd

    Tweed Tranquility, Oven Wynd, Kelso, UK


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